Why is the shipping time on some of your soap so long?

To ensure you get the highest quality product we can offer, we let our soaps cure for 4-6 weeks after they are made. Curing allows some of the water used when making our soaps to evaporate, ensuring you get a hard bar of soap, that doesn't melt in the shower. Due to high demand, we've opened up ordering on a limited number of our soap before the cure time ends. Once your soap has fully cured, we will promptly ship your order!

How long do your bath bombs last?

Typically, once placed in the water, our bath bombs last for 5-7 minutes. In our most recent test, the bath bomb lasted close to 8 minutes. 

How long is your order processing?

1-2 days.

Will I get a tracking number?


Will my order be insured?

All orders $50 and under are automatically insured. If you'd like us to insure your order, please contact us and we will make arrangements. 

I'm not happy with my product!

Contact us! No matter the issue, we'll make it right!