Recycle & Save

Recycle & Save Run Down

In an effort to be as friendly to the Earth as we can, and leave as minimal a footprint as possible, we’ve decided to test our ‘Recycle & Save’ program! If you buy one of our products that come in reusable packaging, such as our Wanderlust Whipped Body Butter, you will automatically qualify for our Recycle & Save program! 

Take Advantage!

So, how do you take advantage? When you’ve used all of your product, simply return your clean, empty containers to us, and you will receive a unique coupon code good for a portion off of your entire cart! 

How Much Do I Save?

Well, that depends on you! Each lip balm tin is worth 10% off of your next order, each Wanderlust glass container is worth 15% off of your next order! You can even save with our sample containers! Return each sample container for 5% off of your next order! You can save up to 50% off of your entire cart, simply by returning your empty packaging! 

*Please Note*

While we require containers to be returned to us cleaned, we personally disinfect each container ourselves, ensuring the highest quality of standards you deserve.